I Know the entire truth!

Father and son funnyIn class, a child is told through the schoolmate that many adults tend to be concealing at

 very lowest a single dark secret, and that this makes this super easy to blackmail
All of these simply tell that, “I know the entire truth”, although though you don't know
The actual child determines to go home and check out it out. While he will be welcomed simply by simply his Mom at the front end doorway he admits that, you know, “I know the entire truth.”
His mom
Swiftly hands him 20 dollars and says, Ohh…Shit….“Son, please don't tell your father.”

Extremely pleased, the actual boy is actually on their approach to college. Next day, when boy see the postman from his doorstep. He told the postman, “I know the entire truth.” Suddenly,
postman drops the mailbag, unwraps his hands and claims, “Then come give your own Daddy a big hug.”