Funny Stories 13 - Letter to God (Do you fee the same in USA?)

Letter to god
One day A boy wanted One hundred dollars terribly. Because he wanted to purchase a bicycle and he was not financed by his parents. He prayed for more than weeks but nothing happened.
Finally, he made a decision to write a letter to God asking a One hundred dollar. Once the postal authority of the USA realized that someone has addressed his letter to God, they decided to send it to President Bush. He is the only well-known god at this time 

Once the President received this letter he amazed as well as interested and he instructed his admin to send the little child a $5.00 money voucher.
President Bush thought this could be a lot of money for this little boy.
The small boy was embarrassed once he received this letter and the 5 dollars. Anyway, he decided to write a feedback letter to GOD.

You can find his feedback letter below:

Beloved God,
Thanks for understand my current circumstance and sending this money, however, Please do not send money through California D.C next time since last time theyse buggers deducted 95 dollars as tax what they do usually

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