The important things in life

This is not really a funny story, but there many things you can grab from this story. continue reading....

A professor of philosophy was standing before his classroom with some stuff on the table. After the class started, without saying anything he picked up a big and vacant mayonnaise jar. He began to fill the jar with rocks. The diameter of the rocks was about two inches.   
He said to the students, “Is the jar full with rocks?” The students answered in the affirmative.
Then the professor took another box filled with pebbles. He poured them into the mayonnaise jar. Then he shook it calmly. The pebbles undoubtedly rolled into open spaces between the rocks. He again asked the pupils whether the jar was fulfilled. The students agreed.       
The professor then took a pot of sand. He poured the sand into the mayonnaise jar again. Certainly the sand covered every gap in the jar.

Once more he asked the students whether that jar was full. The students boldly answered in the affirmative sign.  
Then the professor told the students that he wanted them to compare the jar with their life. The rocks are considered as the most significant things – their family, health, partner, and children. These are the things that can make life full though everything else was lost from their life. 
The pebbles were the other stuff that indicated job, car, house etc. And the sand was everything else.
The professor continued, “If you keep the sand in the jar at first, there remains no space for the rocks or pebbles. The same happens in your life”.
If all time and energy is spent on silly things, then you never have the accommodation for the important ones. So you must be attentive to the stuff those are significant to your contentment.  
So firstly think of the things by steps in accordance with the priority to make your life full of happiness.