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Funny stories 19 - College Rules for freshers at Dorm

College punishment

Positive thinking of fresh college students

you all may have experience of freshers day either in college or university. Normally, what our teachers do, they explain the rules and regulations of the college and guideline that you need to obey during your stay.
This funny college story narrates a conversation or college meeting done by a teacher for fresh students.

The teacher speaking in front of a group of boy college freshmen about the college rules. The teacher starts talking about the dorm rooms. "If you get caught in a girl's dorm room after nine o'clock, you will get a fifty dollar fine. If you get caught twice, you get a hundred dollar fine. If you get caught three times, you get a two hundred-fifty dollar fine and suspension for a week at the least." So a boy raises his hand and asks, "How much for a yearly pass?"

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Funny Stories 17: You Are The Father Of One Of My Kids

Adult funny story

This is one of the adult funny stories, even though is it is considered to be a small story it is totally twisted. Enjoy the funny story.

Lady On Phone:
"Hi Sir, I want To Meet & Talk To You.
You Are The Father Of One Of My Kids."
Man Is Stunned and says:
"Oh my God!"
R U Jessica?
Lady in confusion:

"Sir, I am The Class Teacher Of Your Son."
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Funny Stories 16 : Demonstration of harms of alcohol (Alcohol Funny story)

Cartoon of a Worm (Alcohol Funny story)

It is an alcoholic funny story, I am quite sure that people who addicts alcohol may really like this funny story.

A teacher in a high school, famous for his high regard for social values, was teaching the students on the harms of alcohol.

To demonstrate its adverse effect on the human nervous system, he took a worm and dropped it into a bowl of gin & tonic.

The worm wriggled around for a few minutes before finally giving a few convulsive twitches and dying.

“So what can you conclude from it?”, asked the teacher, expecting that the answer is too obvious.

“Yes,” came a voice from the back, “if you have got worms in your stomach, alcohol is real medicine for that.”

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Mr Bear and Mr Rabbit

Funny Rabbit story

Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit lived in the same forest, but they didn't like each other very much. 

One day, while walking through the woods, and they came across a golden frog. They were amazed when the frog talked to them. The golden frog admitted that he didn't often meet anyone, but, when he did, he always gave them six wishes, so he told them that they could have three wishes each.