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Funny Stories 10 - My mom only had one eye

Don't get everything like a funny story. Spend your time reading such stories as below.

Usually, we post so many funny stories. But this time we thought to offer you some heartbreaking story, That is why the topic itself says that "This is not a funny story". This story is about a child and a one-eyed mother. It is really a heartbreaking short story. Read the full story below:

One eyed mom - Heartbreaking story
My mother was one-eyed. It was disgusting to me. I always felt embarrassment. My mother used to cook for the teachers and students to bear the expenses of our family.
Once my mother came to see me during the school period and I felt so uncomfortable. Why did she come at this moment? I neglected her. I hatefully looked at her and went away. Just after the day, a classmate asked me about the eye of my mother. I could say nothing but hide. I longed for her disappearance. That day I said to my mother, “If you always make me such a laughing stock, why can’t commit death?”
My mother replied nothing. I was so annoyed that I could not even think for a moment what actually I had told. I was unnoticed of her feelings. I needed to leave the house. I studied hard and finally had an opportunity to study abroad. Then there I had married. I purchased a new house. I had babies too. I was leading a happy life with my wife and kids. One day, suddenly my mom arrived to see me. She had missed me for long even she did never see my kids.
When she came in front of the door, my babies laughed at her and I threw my anger upon her for coming unexpectedly. I told angrily, “why have you come here to fright my kids, JUST GET LOST!!”          
She left the place silently.
 One day, I got a letter. It was about the school reunion. I wanted to go there. But I told my wife that I need to go on a business tour. When the reunion is over, I moved to the old hut out of inquisitiveness.
 One of my neighbors told that she had died. There was no single drop of tear in my eyes. They gave me a letter that my mother wanted to hand over to me. The letter read:
“My sweetheart,
I always think of you. I am extremely sorry that I went to your home and frightened your kids. I was really happy coming to know that you were participating in the reunion. But I might not be able to even rise from bed to see you. I’m regretful that I was an invariable discomfiture to you from your childhood.
Look, when you were so little, you committed a mishap, and lost one eye. As your mother, I could not believe to see that you would grow up with just one eye. I spent no time to give you mine. Now I feel so proud that my son can see the world for me.
My love is always with you.
Your mom.”     

Funny stories 01 : Onions and Garlic

 A nice funny story of two brothers who got their luck by doing simple things. Let's look at
Garlic and Onion cartoon
their story.

Long ago there lived two brothers. Joshua and Eli. They lived on a farm and were very poor.
Joshua worked hard ever day. Eli was lazy and didn’t like to work.
One day, Joshua heard of a kingdom far away. This kingdom didn’t have onions! Hmmm,
thought Joshua. If I could sell them onions, they’d pay a lot of money! He asked to see the king and was granted an audience. Joshua told the king about the onions and the king was curious. He invited Joshua to make a big feast with many dishes prepared with onions.

That evening, the king and his guests tasted the dishes. Everyone agreed, the onion made
everything taste so much better! The king smiled from ear to ear. He said to Joshua, “These
onions are the most precious thing in my kingdom. In return for them, I will give you their
equal weight in the most precious thing I have – diamonds.” Joshua was instantly rich and
returned to his village with a wagon full of diamonds.

Joshua shared his wealth but his brother Eli was still very jealous. He asked Joshua if this
kingdom has garlic. Joshua thought and said, “In fact, they don’t have any garlic.”
Hmmm, thought Eli. If I could sell them garlic, I’d be very rich indeed. Garlic is much
tastier than onions.

Eli traveled to the kingdom as his brother had done. Just like Joshua, he got an audience with the king and made a feast. And just like Joshua, the king declared garlic the most precious thing in his kingdom. It was a big hit! The king said, “ I will give you their equal weight in the most precious thing in my kingdom.”
Here you are – Onions!

Will see you tomorrow with nice fun story and jokes. If you wish to publish your own story please email us We are happy to publish them in our blog after reviewing. Next Story

Stupid Boy! (Funny teacher's Story)

Stupid boy short story
A brand new teacher had been working to make use of the children's mindsets programs. She
began the children's course and announcing that, "stand up boys who thinks that you are stupid"

After a couple of seconds, Little John stood upwards. The actual teacher stated, "Can you
think you are silly, Small John?"

How man came?

Evolution of man

One day a small kid is asking his mom about, "how man take part of the world first time?"

Mom : My Son, First God make a lady called "Eva" and a man called "Adam" and they had babies and we are here due to result of them. It was a chain process.

Son : But mom father says a different thing, He told me that we are coming from apes and they are our ancestors.

Nice Proverbs

A first grade teacher collected well-known proverbs. She gave each child in her class the first half of a proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. Their insight may surprise you.
Better to be safe than………………..Punch a 5th grader
It’s always darkest before…………… Daylight Savings
You can lead a horse to water but………how?
Don’t bite the hand that…………….. looks dirty
If you lie down with dogs, you’ll………stink in the morning
Happy the bride who…………………..gets all the presents
Don’t put off till tomorrow what……….you put on to go to bed
Children should be seen and not………..spanked or grounded
You get out of something what you………see pictured on the box