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Funny Stories 06: How to sell a Vacuum cleaner

Short funny story of a salesman who tries to sell his products to anyone.
Ben Lee was a salesman. He was a good salesman and sold lots of vacuum cleaners. One
good jokes not a dirty joke
week, the manager sent Ben into the countryside to sell.

He drove out of town and stopped at a farmhouse. He knocked on the door and the farmer’s wife opened it. Ben started into his speech immediately.

“Mam, how much time do you spend sweeping the floors? “

“A lot of time. This is a farm and things get dirty quickly.” said the woman.

“And how much time do you spend beating the carpets?” asked Ben.

“A lot of time. This house gets dusty and my dog also lays on them”

“Well” said Ben, “This is your lucky day.”

Ben showed her his vacuum cleaner and said,

“You can clean the house in 5 minutes with this!”

The farmer’s wife didn’t look interested.

Ben took out a big bag of dirt. He opened it and threw it all over the floor. The farmer’s

wife was very surprised. Before she could speak Ben said, “ Mam, if this machine doesn’t pick up every last piece of dirt, I will eat all of it!!!!!”

The farmer’s wife looked at Ben and said,


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