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Car Story - funny story about police

funny short story about car
A police officer pulled over a driver and informed him that because he
was wearing his seat belt, he had just won $5,000 in a safety
"What are you going to do with the prize money?" the officer asked.
The man responded, "I guess I'll go to driving school and get my
At that moment, his wife, who was seated next to him, chimed in,
"Officer, don't listen to him. He's a smart aleck when he's drunk."
This woke up the guy in the back seat, who, when he saw the cop,
blurted out, "I knew we wouldn't get far in this stolen car."
At that moment, there was a knock from the trunk and a voice asked,
"Are we over the border yet?”

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Bus Accident - No insurance

There was a horrible bus accident. Sadly, nobody survived the accident except a monkey that was on board and there have been no witnesses. The police try and investigate more however they get no results. At last, they fight to interrogate the monkey. The monkey looks to reply to their queries with gestures. Seeing that, they begin asking the queries.
The officer asks, 

"What were the people doing on the bus?" 

The monkey shakes his head in a very sad manner and starts dance around; which means the folks were dance and having fun.