Funny Stories 17: You Are The Father Of One Of My Kids

Adult funny story

This is one of the adult funny stories, even though is it is considered to be a small story it is totally twisted. Enjoy the funny story.

Lady On Phone:
"Hi Sir, I want To Meet & Talk To You.
You Are The Father Of One Of My Kids."
Man Is Stunned and says:
"Oh my God!"
R U Jessica?
Lady in confusion:

"Sir, I am The Class Teacher Of Your Son."
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Funny Stories 16 : Demonstration of harms of alcohol (Alcohol Funny story)

Cartoon of a Worm (Alcohol Funny story)

It is an alcoholic funny story, I am quite sure that people who addicts alcohol may really like this funny story.

A teacher in a high school, famous for his high regard for social values, was teaching the students on the harms of alcohol.

To demonstrate its adverse effect on the human nervous system, he took a worm and dropped it into a bowl of gin & tonic.

The worm wriggled around for a few minutes before finally giving a few convulsive twitches and dying.

“So what can you conclude from it?”, asked the teacher, expecting that the answer is too obvious.

“Yes,” came a voice from the back, “if you have got worms in your stomach, alcohol is real medicine for that.”

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How to write funny stories for kids?

Writing a funny kid's story is not rocket science. Let's discuss this way.

In your childhood, you may be asked to write a small essay about some funny events you
Kids funny story tips
experienced. Suddenly, you may get confused and have no idea what to write. At the same time, what happens if you were asked to write a funny story for kids. It is something extraordinary. It is true that even though many funny stories are available for viewers, writing a funny story for a kid is a bit challenging. Because you need to get their attention to the story and expect a happy moment or joyous at the end of the story. Therefore it is considered to be a challenging task.
But you can think of the below tips and I will bet you that you can be a good funny story writer for kids in the future.

Point 01: Think about yourself and build a story from your own experience

First, you need to grab something from your past experience. The enjoyable moments you experienced in your childhood when you were considered as a kid. What kind of stories you heard those days which make you laugh. Sometimes you may be used to do funny activities as a kid which makes others laugh. In this step, you can narrate a story based on your experience in the kid's age.

Point 02: Funny kid's TV programs are good benchmarks

You may be seen that kids funny cartoons like Seasame Street, Arthur, The Flintstones and
Funny stories for kids
Spongebob square pants. These cartoon programs were very popular among kids in 90's. Why they were so popular funny stories among kids? Answer for this will give you a good hint or beginning to your story. Especially these stories are eye-catching and totally capture the attention of kids because of the characters, these characters are not usual. So children who watch cartoons find specialty out of other television programs. Therefore, it may be useful for you if you include a special role character.   

Point 03: Let them think

Asking a question from a kid is funny. I think you may experience when you talk to a small kid. Since they do not have a maturity or hands-on experience about life they try to think deeply even though our question is a silly one. Therefore, you can allow them to think while asking some tactical questions. It is scientifically proved that 80-90% of kids stay with funny stories when you ask questions that can not be easily answered. For example, you can ask why deer has spots in their bodies? You can create a small story, sometimes it may be a fairy tale. But at the end of the story, you need to end it in a funny way. So do not forget that you are writing a funny story for kids.

Point 04: Exaggerate the story and put some salt and pepper

When you write the story do not use statement is a simple manner. Instead, you can exaggerate the story by expanding them with funny events. For example, you can simply say "He was screaming" but once you expand it "He was screaming like hatching an egg by an Old hence". 

Point 05: Repeat the funny events in your kid's story

Researches found that when something repeats more than 3 times it grabs the attention of the audience and becomes an insider of that story. Though you write a short funny story or funny kid's story you can practice this. It makes progressive laughing of viewers either kids or adults this is true.

Points 06: Make the story shorter

I am quite sure that no one likes to read long stories even though they know that it is going to make them laugh. Especially the children at a young age are lazy readers and easily fed up with reading. Funny stories for kids should be always short and sweer, having simple English. You can include some graphical contents like cartoon pictures for your story. 

I hope that the above tips may use in order to write a proper kid's friendly funny story. Please make sure that first, you make a draft and later do corrections to refine the best outcome. Either adult or kids funny story it should make laugh and your responsibility is to create a story that makes them laugh. 

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